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Cytobanda Typeb Genesc Populatioind Authore Year PubMed
Cytoband Type Genes Populatioin Authors Year PubMed


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aCytoband -The cytoband of this CNV located.
bType -del: deletion; dup: duplication
cGenes -Genes affected by this CNV. If more than 2 genes, we randomly selected 2 genes. Numbers means how many genes affected by this CNV.
dPopulatioin -The population ancestry used by this study.
eAuthor -The first author of this study.
fPlatform -Platform used to detect CNVs in this study.
gCase number -Number of schizophrenia case (or case family) used in this study to detect CNVs.
hControls number -Number of healthy control used in this study to detect CNVs.
iMain findings -Main findings of this study.
jAbout this CNV -Information of this CNV in this study. More details can be found in the original study.